Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Twins Party Planning Time...Lego Indiana Jones Party

I am in total party planning mode! The twins have decided what theme they want this year and of course they want separate parties so this should be so much fun!

I love planning parties! I get all excited about it!

According to the twins, we will be having an All Girl Fancy Tea Party and an All Boy Lego Indiana Jones Party! I have been searching the web for inspiration. I have already made the invitaions using photoshop and a 4"x6" template for easy printing at a photolab.

I also talked to my sister the other day and she wants help with her son's party! I am in heaven LOL!!!!

We can just start with my little punk's party first...

Here is the Lego Indiana Jones invitation I made in photoshop. I used the image from the cover of the Wii game and a scrapbook paper from Shabby Princess (both available for free). All the fonts I downloaded on the web were for free as well.

So far I have decided to have a scavenger hunt including:
- a mummy station
-snake pit
-crocodile creek
-gross food feeling buffet (eyeballs, brains, scorpion guts, etc...)
-Lego station
-eating poisonous dates (chocolate of course) followed by healing elixir (blue wax candy bottles)
-the big bolder
-excavation in the sand box with bones, legos and gold coins
-And finishing up with finding the crystal skull.

I haven't determined the order of events yet but I am working on the little clue cards for each stop on the adventure. I will post them when I finish them all.

I am collecting d├ęcor pieces like burlap, map print fabric, scraps of canvas and rustic serving pieces. I am also in the process of making little bags for the boys like Indiana Jones wears following my Girl Power Purse Tutorial.

As far as food, I am planning to serve chocolate dipped pretzel rods, a small candy buffet with gummy snake, crocs, worms, eyeballs, etc... jello molded monkey brains, hotdogs, fruit tray, chips and cupcakes/cake. For the cupcakes, I will make chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with buttercream dipped in crushed graham crackers for sand effect. Then, I plan to make fondant/gum paste toppers of red snakes and lego pieces. For the cake, it will be a lego indiana jones theme using characters from lego indiana jones building set with a small waterfall, palm trees and rocks. 
I have been playing the game with my little punk a lot lately so I can get better ideas for the party plus it is pretty fun too LOL!!
Next... I will post my ideas for the fancy tea party for sweet pea!!

(Photo Credits- L to R: TwoCrazyCupcakes Design, Kotaku, Art of Dessert, NutsOnline, TheCakeStand, CandyWarehouse)


  1. It looks awesome. I wish I had money to trow a 1st bday for my son. Getting great ideas form blogs!. I'm coming from

  2. Did you ever do a follow up and post your clues and pic of cake. Sounds like good ideas. My son is giving me a lot of ideas (some not so easy but working on it). Still trying to figure out games, obstacle course, treasure hunt and a balance game (2x4 over blue tablecloth, maybe with some water balloon action). Sounds like you had fun planning.


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