Thursday, April 8, 2010

Berry Banana Extreme Smoothie

My little sweet pea LOVES smoothies especially because she can literally make them by herself. I hover of course because she is using a blender and it's also made of glass LOL!

Throw all the stuff in your blender and blend away!!!


Berry Banana Extreme Smoothie

8 ounces Orange Juice With Calcium
1 whole Medium Banana, Ripe
6 ounces Fat Free Yogurt, Strawberry
8 whole Strawberries, Frozen
8 ounces Ice, Crushed

1) Add all ingredients to blender except ice.

2) Blend on high for 30 seconds.
3) Add crushed ice and blend for 1-2 minutes


  1. that is such a yummy treat.. I hope you join in and share this for my Round Robin tomorrow..

  2. Ahhh... the weather is getting just about right for smoothies.

    *Round Robin*

  3. I love smoothies and I've been meaning to try out my new blender making one. Thanks for a great recipe!

  4. Thanks for stopping by and linking up to the Round Robin. It is a monthly event I hope you come back for next month.. Have a great weekend. This is a treat I know we will make it our house..

    Have a great weekend...

  5. Oh I love smoothies! My blender is seriously collecting too much dust...I may have to try this!

    visiting from Round Robin!


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