Saturday, April 3, 2010

Girl Power: Converse Makeover Part 1

My little sweet pea got some converse hand me downs from her brother! But not stylish enough for my little fashionista! So we did a little converse makeover.

Start with a pair of converse or cleaned up hand me downs.

Place a dab of glue and rhinestones onto separate plates.

Using a toothpick apply small dots of glue to front of sneakers in a row. It is best to work two to three rows at a time.

Using the tweezers grasp and apply the rhinestones to your sneaker pressing firmly to attach.

Keep following the glue and apply technique until the entire front of sneaker is covered in rhinestones.

Girl Power: Converse Makeover Part 1

What you need:
converse sneakers
embellishing glue like Gem Tac or E600 ***(I tried Jewel It but it's not strong enough for shoes)
3MM round rhinestones: traditional silver and pink
paper plate

1) Clean your sneakers if they are hand me downs.
2) Line your work surface with newspaper. Remember this glue is permanent.
3) Put a small amount of glue on your paper plate.
4) Using a toothpick make small dots of glue on the front of your sneakers working 2 rows at a time.
5) Dump your rhinestones on another paper plate.
6) Use your tweezers to grasp and apply your rhinestones to your glue dots pressing firmly into place.
7) Follow same technique to fill the front of sneaker with rhinestones.
8) Allow glue to set for 20 minutes and use another toothpick to remove excess glue from around rhinestones.
9) Allow to dry at least 24 hours before wearing.

Stay tuned for Converse Makeover Part 2!


  1. SO CUTE! I love it ;D I also love your adorable blog makeover, too cute!

  2. Ditto that! You are so talented Brittany!

  3. Ditto again!! So adorable! You've got a steady hand! I would start getting nervous on the first row! :)

  4. They look so cute! and without the big price tag. I might have to give this a try someday.
    thanks for the sweet comment, I would love to see the butterfly art you made for your daughter.

  5. how adorable!!!

  6. that is a wonderful idea... Thanks for sharing and linking up for my Round Robin.. I am glad you stopped by twice..

  7. I am coming by from the Round Robin. Really cute idea. My daughter is going through a "boy clothes" stage, but she will wear sparkly shoes...great idea.
    504 Main


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