Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Our New Family Additions...

We have been promising M & M pets for the longest. I guess our fish just don't cut it anymore!

Fireman and I talked it over...and went back and forth...Dog vs.Cat...Dog vs.Cat....Dog vs.Cat...and we decided to adopt a kitten.

We took M & M to a local pet store who does adoptions on the weekend and checked out all our options. Then we saw a crate with the sweetest little 8 week old kittens you could imagine! We held several of them and Miss M had her heart set on this sweet shy little black kitten. And of course Mr M wanted a BOY and he wanted this little orange firecracker of a kitten.

Mommy is a sucker when it come to the twins so guess what....we adopted them both. Of course Mommy sweet talked the adoption fee down because I am super saving coupon mama!!

Meet Buddy and Batgirl, our newest additions!

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