Sunday, January 31, 2010

M & M play hair cut!!! Yikes!

OK...when you have 4 year old twins who are playing nicely upstairs and you don't hear a peep...they must be up to something!

So of course that is what happened to us...M & M decided to play haircut...and with plastic scissors I might add!! Apparently they are pretty darn sharp!

Mr M decided to be the haircut guy and Miss M decided to be the customer!! Then they switched!!

I went upstairs and freaked!!!

Luckily Miss M had her hair up like Tinker Bell with her costume on so only the back of her hair got cut and her LONG hair is still there :) Mommy had to trim it up a bit.

And Mr M ended up with premature balding in the back LOL!!!

Deep Breath Mom...Deep Breath!!!

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